QR code, type “dynamic” (editable QR code)

The functional principle of dynamic QR codes is not complicated: Instead of the actual destination address (URL, e.g http://www.example.com) a forwarding address managed by QR-Server will be stored in the QR code (unfortunately, dynamic QR codes are only useful for web addresses right now, because most mobile devices cannot forward to non-HTML content such as vCards).

Our QR code management platform “QR-Server” enables you to use dynamic QR codes. Therfore we use our own product to demonstrate the functional principle with an real-world example of use:

Wr created a dynamic QR code for Andreas Haerter's blog (URL: http://blog.andreas-haerter.com). QR-Server assigned the forwarding address http://x-qr.net/1DTo instead of the real blog URL and stored it into the QR code. When someone scans the dynamic QR code after it gets printed, the following happens:

dynamic QR code
 | The user scans the QR code. It  |
 | contains the forwarding address +--retrieval of x-qr.net---+
 | (URL) http://x-qr.net/1DTo      |                          |
 +---------------------------------+                          |
                               | 1. x-qr.net is using a database to     |
                               |    determine where the QR code with    |
                               |    ID "1DTo" redirects to.             |
                               |    The current result is               |
                               |    "http://blog.andreas-haerter.com"   |
                               |                                        |
                               | 2. Optional: The visitor's data (e.g.  |
                               |    the geolocation) gets logged for    |
                               |    code "1DTo" by QR-Server's embedded |
                               |    tracking mechanism, the scan        |
                               |    counter of will be raised by one.   |
                               |                                        |
                               | 3. The user gets redirected to the     |
                               |    real destination URL.               |
                               |   http://blog.andreas-haerter.com      |
                               |   will be displayed                    |

Of course, the graphical printout of the dynamic QR code containing the web-address http://x-qr.net/1DTo is still unchangeable and static. But the target address stored int the database for the entry 1DTo can be changed online with QR-Server's web-interface, e.g. if http://blog.andreas-haerter.com is no more up-to-date or inappropriate as target address. Additionally, the optional QR code tracking can be used to visualize QR code scans and other statistics.