Our QR code generator takes your privacy very seriously!

Privacy policies are often difficult to understand because of all the legal requirements (especially in Germany where our team is located). Therefore we want to provide a “non-lawyer”-readable version of our Privacy Policy in English (as well as giving some additional information about what happens to the data you enter for your QR code).

Create QR code: the content is not logged!

The probably most important thing for our users is the fact that we won’t store or log QR code contents. The log files of our QR code API servers only store that an API request happened, not what content was requested. The QR code API (= the programming interface provided and used by us at api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/) does not even use Cookies. The QR code image / symbol will be deleted ~30 seconds after delivery from the cache and is not permanently stored.

No hidden tracking…

The QR codes generated with our API and/or this QR code generator are delivered without any kind of tracking or “sniffing” mechanism. This means we don’t capture any data of users scanning QR codes created on goQR.me. The QR codes generated here contain exactly the data you entered (indeed, there are some shady providers on the net who try to store hidden redirects via their servers and charge you after some time or the redirection will be switched-off). Because our QR code generator encodes the exact data into the QR graphic, the created QR codes are also getting larger and form a more complex pattern if there is more data to store.

…but available on request.

If you explicitly need tracking / analytics to measure the success rate and/or want to use editable QR codes (so-called “dynamic QR codes”), we provide a QR business platform named QR-Server. QR-Server is especially suitable for advertising agencies who want to provide QR code marketing to their clients with minimal effort.

Example: what gets stored if you create a QR code?

  1. You open http://goqr.me/ with your browser. The QR code generator itself is using Google Analytics, so your visit gets tracked by it (anonymized, in accordance with German privacy laws). Additionally, our own webserver logfiles are storing some data about the request (namely Browser type and version, operating system, etc. – all of this data has nothing to do with the QR code contents!).
  2. You create a QR code with our generator. The data to store in the QR code is securely submitted (encrypted with SSL/TLS) to our own QR code API (application programming interface) at https://api.qrserver.com. The API takes the data, generates the QR code image and sends it back to your browser. api.qrserver.com does not use Google Analytics, it does not use cookies and the QR code contents are not stored. The generated graphic is not stored, just cached for about 30 seconds for technical reasons. The web server logs of api.qrserver.com are storing roughly the same data as those of goQR.me (browser type and version, operating system, referring page, hostname / ip address and time). However, these log files do not contain the QR code contents used to generate your QR image.
  3. You use / print the created QR code. There is no further communication with our servers when the QR code is scanned. The code only contains the data you typed into our generator form. If you typed http://www.example.com and a user reads the QR code to open the website, our servers are not involved and we’re neither notified of the scan nor have the possibility to intercept it.
  4. Another important detail: Because our systems are not involved when the QR code gets scanned the codes cannot “expire” (also refer to our FAQ entry for more information).