Change QR code content (e.g. the URL) after printing

Edit / change QR code

Form a technical point of view, it is not possible to change QR-contents…

Form a technical point of view, it is impossible to change the contents of a QR code after it was printed. The data is stored directly in the QR code graphic (hence QR codes are also getting larger and form a more complex pattern if there is more data to store). And because a printed graphic itself can't be changed as other printed image or text.

…but there is a solution: QR-Server – QR Code management and tracking for professionals!

We developed a system which solves the problem of unchangeable QR codes in an elegant way: QR-Server: tracking and management of QR codes for a advertising agencies and IT professionals.

Instead of the actual destination address (URL), a forwarding address managed by QR-Server will be stored in the QR code, forwarding the user to the real target in the blink of an eye (see the dynamic QR codes” description if you want more technical infomration about how they work). Our management interface presents all important data in a clear and easy way. This methods provides many advantages. E.g. the QR codes stay small, the content can be changed even after the code was printed (by changing the redirection target, even by auto-scheduled controls) and it possible to aggregate statistical information (e.g. number of scans, geolocation). All these features are not available when using “common” static QR codes.

Why do you want to edit the content of a QR code?

Some good reasons why you want to subsequently change a QR graphic:

  • Typo in a web address. Maybe you forgot the “http://” in front of the website (the URL is not complete without the protocol and will not work in many with many QR scanners out there).
  • You need to print the paper advertisement before the advertised website is finished. Sometimes, you have to finish leaflets and things like that before the address of the belonging mobile marketing website is final. Or the website is not finished and the access to it should not work before a specific time or date.
  • Adjust or chronologically limit a marketing campaign. Maybe you want a QR code to “expire” and the redirection should be disables at a certain date (e.g. for limited offers or competitions).
  • Change of mind. Perhaps it seemed to be a good idea to pilot your QR code users to the main website which is optimized for normal desktop PCs. But later, you see that the new mobile website would be a better target and you are not willing to implement a complex mobile client detection for your main website.