Information about QR codes

We would like to provide and link to lots of useful information about QR codes on this page.

Overview of different QR code types

The following pages describe and document several QR code types our generator supports (you may create them by yourself with Furthermore, we continuously add support for new QR code types to the generator if the support by common QR code software in the wild is good enough.

FAQ (e.g. “How to edit / change a QR code”)

Based on our experience, we collected and composed the most frequently asked questions on the whole “QR” topic: QR code FAQ.

However, the absolutely most frequently asked question sent to us is, if we can edit the contents of an already created and/or printed QR code (especially if there is a typo when used with website addresses, URLs). Therefore we also pick this up right here, even if the answer is not a satisfying one for many users:

It is not possible to convert static QR codes into changeable / dynamic QR codes because of technical limitations. The pages “Type description, dynamic QR codes” and “Edit / change QR code” explain how dynamic QR codes work and why converting static into dynamic codes is not possible.